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The Limelight Virtual Ensemble - Lockdown 2020

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Over the COVID-19 period, we decided to put some time into recording covers of our favourite songs from the Limelight Ensemble!


A Million Dreams (from The Greatest Showman)

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Cast (L to R, top to bottom): Debbie Osborne, Naomi Clarke, Natasha Stevenson, Mandy Williams, Julie Aleksic, Freyer Marsh, Abbie Aleksic, Sammi Morgans, Norman Lloyd, Maddie Rose-Hardy, Oliver Jenkins, Clare Myers, Allan Rogers, Vanessa Mitchell, Clair Cooper, Eloise Jackson

Edited by James Aleksic


The New World (from Songs for a New World)

Cast (L to R, top to bottom - at end): Vanessa Mitchell, Debbie Osborne, Glyn Lee, Clair Cooper, Abbie Aleksic, Julie Aleksic, Benjamin Stone, Clare Myers, Naomi Clarke, Mandy Williams, Allan Rogers, Eloise Jackson, Natasha Stevenson

Edited by James Aleksic


Thank You For The Music

Cast: Abbie Aleksic, Debbie Osborne, Clare Myers, Vanessa Mitchell, Mandy Williams, Natasha Stevenson, Allan Rogers, Eloise Jackson, Naomi Clarke, Clair Cooper, Rosie Fuller, Julie Aleksic

Edited by James Aleksic


Why not join us for our next Virtual Ensemble performance?! All of the info is at

If you're aged 9+ and would like to perform with us in our next live ensemble concerts (and/or any other productions) - head to and sign up!

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