Sing with the
Limelight Virtual Ensemble!

While we're unable to do our full productions because of coronavirus and the lockdown, we've decided to take our Limelight Ensemble online and have created 'The Limelight Virtual Ensemble'! We're going to try to create these videos fairly regularly while we're stuck at home, and would love you to get involved! ​There's a couple of videos above so you can see what we've done already - and if you'd like to sing with us on the next one, here's how!

Our next song is going to be A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. We've set out some simple steps below to record your video and become a part of the song! Please send us your video before Sunday 7th June to be featured.

  1. Have a listen to the original song here if you don't know it, to get a feel for how it sounds

  2. Decide if you're going to sing the Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass vocal part. You can listen to each of them below and see which one suits you best,  or send us a message if you're not sure! If you're  flexible with which part you sing, get in touch with us to see which one we need more people on for the best balance.

  3. Once you've picked a part, have a practise and get to know your harmonies. You can also print out the sheet music below if that's easier to follow. Feel free to sing parts of it up or down an octave if it suits your voice better - whatever's best for you!

  4. When you're happy with it, it's time to record!

    • You don't have to have any fancy equipment to record, a smartphone will work perfectly fine!

    • You need to sing along to the YouTube video of your harmony part (below) - if you sing to any other video (like the original song or a karaoke or anything else) we won't be able to sync it up with everyone else and may have to not use your submission.

    • Make sure that the backing video is playing only through headphones/earbuds while you record your singing. It's very important that your recording can only hear your singing voice and nothing else.

    • Film your video landscape (not portrait)​ so they all fit nicely together on the screen

    • Try to make sure you're not too close or far away (have a look at the videos above to see what works well!)

    • Pick a quiet area to record in if possible - if the phone rings, or someone walks in etc, it's probably best to pause it and start again.

    • Record a little bit before you go for the whole song and check that it looks and sounds nice. You may have to play with settings if it's not recording well. Have a look in the background too and check that there's nothing there you'd rather keep hidden!

    • Record the whole song in one take / one video. You can of course do it lots of times until you're happy with it - but please only send us the one that you'd like us to use! If you start and stop or record in little bits it really increases the workload at our end and makes it a lot harder to produce the video!

  5. Send us your video!

    • It's usually easiest to send it via something like​ to - but you can also send it to us via social media or email - whatever's best for you.

    • Please include your name exactly as you'd like to be credited

    • Make sure you've sent your video before Sunday 7th June to be included

By sending us a video, you agree for us to edit and use it and to include the audio and visual recording in our final edits which will be shared publicly.

 If you have any questions, get in touch with us via social media or at and we'll be more than happy to help!

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